4 months old baby

Question: My baby is 4 months I am working woman... I need to join my duty after 1 month How should I prepare him for it from now?

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Answer: develope a routine for your baby , dont make him super dependant on you espeacilly during gour working hours , keep breastfeedings steady duuring the night and also during early mornings and evenings . during the day make him habitual of taking a. bottle of fm or bm , associate your breasts as only a source of meal and disassociate it for comfort and play , develeope his routine of feedings after every two to tbree hours in the meantine if he cries sooth him via a pacifier , or put some boiled water on your clean finger n place it in his mouth to sooth him
Answer: start tlkng to ur baby abput ur schedule aftr a month baby understand each n evrythng u told to thm and start reacting in same manner starting by a little difference
Answer: btw even i a have a four month of infant and i also hve to join my duty after a month but my biggest challenege is that my baby isnt taking feeds through a bottle
Answer: are you a breastfeeding mom ? by breastfeeding i mean exclusively bf . if yes then definately you need to work on it ,if not then things might be easier ,
Answer: u can squeeze milk into bottle and put it ready for him but this u can do only for halfday adjust it duty timings if possible or work from home
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Question: My son is 1yr 18 months and still breast feed him only at night. For how many days should I continue it? M a working woman.
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. You can stop now. Go slowly. First try to reduce the time of feeding. Suppose you feed for ten minutes, make it five. Slowly skip a feed. This way slowly skip all the feeds in the day. It takes time but you can do it without much trouble. Give milk to baby before bed so night baby will not get up for feed. Slowly baby does not ask for night feeds too. Take care
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Question: can I feed my 1 month old baby lactogen or cerelac for I have to join my duty.
Answer: Hello dear Both ate different things. Cerelac is a solid food which is to be startrd after 6 months while lactogen is a formula milk which u can Start giving now as u are going to Start ur duty and u ate not able to feed ur baby. In that case,formula milk is best.
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Question: Hi my baby is five months old now, I'm breastfeeding now, after one month I have to join my duty, shall I start him to feed formula milk or cow's milk now through feeding bottle now?
Answer: Until 1year no cow's milk, because babies cant digest it. Give him formula milk and yes u can feed through bottle also but make sure u sterilize it regularly
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