8 months old baby

Question: My baby is 6 months 13 days old.started with solids..at starting she was liking yhe food buy now she doesnt eat anything.i change and try to make new foods but still take only 1-2 spoon and then refuses to eat.what shiuld i do.

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Answer: Hello! Please don't worry. Let her take one two spoons only. It is common behavior of the baby. Also there are other factors like teething, cold and cough which might cause a dip in the appetite due to which the baby is not eating. Sometimes it is a phase which passes over soon. Meanwhile keep feeding her with sufficient breast milk or formula milk. Take care
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Question: My baby is 8 months old. She refuses to take foods and only feeds breastmilk.
Answer: Thank you..., I have tried Apple flavour cerelac as many of my friends told. She is very playful while eating and not want to eat. Q
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Question: My baby is very weak, he doesnt take enough food. He always wants my feed even then he doesnt take enough. I try to feed him rich,dal, curd but he refuses to take after few spoons. He will take bottle but still not to the mark. I am so tensed and please suggest me how to improve his appetite.
Answer: please don't feed the baby much with milk.. they need good nutrition .. you should feed solid max time.. check with doc for any internal issue. don't offer the food let the baby come to you when hungry. whenever feels hungry feed solid.. if refuses don't force after sometime give the same food. slowly he will learn that I have to eat there is no way out
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Question: Hi, My bAby is teeting..and because of this sometime she feels restless..previously she was weaning properly but now a days she refuses semi solid food..if I try to fix from finger then she eats but from spoon she refuses..please suggest some home remedies to sooth her..
Answer: During the stage of teething babies do this kind of things coz they feel irritation in their gums to soothe that irritation they used to put anything or everything comes in front of them. So as a parent u have to teach them no to put anything directly into ur mouth as it could by infectious. This behaviour will automatically goes when all the teeth will sprout which takes times. So ask ur Dr to prescribe some kind of soothing gel which can give them relief and some cooling effect. If the baby is 6 month old then u can give him cold carrot to chew instead of teethers.
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