4 months old baby

Question: My baby is 4 months 9 days ,but last 8 days he is sleeping on one side or sleeping on the stumack side, it is gud or not.

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Answer: Hello dear, one side sleeping is not bad but stomach sleeping can disturb baby breathing. So avoid sleeping in that position.
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Question: My baby is sleeping on his one side at the night time is it safe??
Answer: No dear, try to make him sleep in his back position, atleast upto 4 month if he is sleeping on his side u make sure that after 10-15 min u should make him at his back
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Question: My baby boy is now 8 months last one week he is not sleeping well and also eating not properly always makes cry what is the reason
Answer: Hello dear may be baby is having gas so in this case apply some hing with water in babys tummy and also do hot compress. Check if baby is on teething then massage babys head frequently and also give teether to him but of still baby cry then it's better to get it chcekd by doctor once..
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Question: My baby 4 month 5 days old...he is sleeping one side in nyt time is it ok?
Answer: Hii dear try to make baby sleep straight as baby is not strong enough to change their body position. And it can led to the chocking of baby breath which can led to SIDS.so try to swaddle ur baby after sleep so that there will be less risk of the same.
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