10 months old baby

Question: my baby is 9 months 18 days bt still she hv no teeth at all...is it ok....wat about giving gripe water...wn to gv and in cold it sud b gvn or nt

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Answer: No you should not give gripe water to baby.. even your pediatrician will say no to it. As far as teeths are concerned increase calcium supplement to your baby . Have milk products . And after consulting your pediatrician you can start giving calcium supplement also. It will help in teething.
Answer: same question is mine
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Question: My daughter has completed 8mnths bt still nt having single teeth,is it ok??
Answer: Hii the vast majority of babies sprout their first tooth sometime between 4 and 9 months old. If you still don't see any sign of a tooth by his18-month checkup tell your child's doctor or dentist. So it means ur baby dint miss the milestone but yes there are certain reasons of late sprouting of teeth like baby is pre mature , his birth weight was low, it's genetic. Also may be baby lack calcium . Which u may need to introduce through supplement so definitely contact doctor but right now u shouldn't get panic as every baby is different and they achieve their milestone in separate time. All the best. 
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Question: hi..my baby is 21 mnths old.. she suffering frm cold.. had gvn medicine bt still it persist... kindly advice a simple home remedy... which can cure cold ..
Answer: None helps better than steam.. it relieves cold..and cold is a kind of temporary infection it will go away in 2-3 days automatically. Don't stress much on it ,nd avoid medicine as it makes ur child weak internally.. a human body fights these common infections itself ..
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Question: My baby completed her 11 months....bt still she did nt get her teeth..is it kk
Answer: No problem ...Kyuki kuch bache 2 saal teek tooth. Nikalna start krte hai
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