8 months old baby

Question: My baby is 8 months and 7 days old....he wakes up after every 1 or 2 hrs at night..than take a feed and sleep..he is teething....how can I let him sleep longer.

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Answer: Hi dear, Unless you stop night feeding,it is not going to stop.this would take some time though.as baby has just started his solids.if you are brestfeeding mom then it could take months to stop the addiction.you need to be consistent and firm.about stopping the night feeding.but do that only when baby has started taking solids well.
Answer: My baby also does d same behaviour... She doesn't want to sleep in night... I feed her with semisolid wth milk also. But still after sleeping for 1/2 hour she wokes up and starts playing... Pls suggest some ways to change it
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Question: My 7 month baby still wakes up after every 2 hrs @ night though i feed his tummy full before sleep ...why dont he sleep at a strech?
Answer: Hi dear, baby is 7 months old. Are you giving him solid foods? If not introduce him solid foods. First try some semi solid. Because 7 months baby tummy needs extra feed. Breastfeeding is not enough. Give rice water, dal water, fresh fruit puree, less spicy soups. And in daytime entertain him and play with him. Go for a walk. Then he will sleep atleast 4 or 5 hrs stretch. Hope this will help you.
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Question: My 7th month baby wakes up every hour now a days.. Feed for 5 min and then go to sleep.. How to make him sleep longer
Answer: Hi,it is not good as you don't have to feed him every hour You should give him a good meal as a dinner and give him milk to drink before he sleeps so that his tummy is full also you should give him warm water shower before he sleeps this will give him good sleep. Try this .I am sure it will help you. Take care
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Question: Ma baby wakes up after every 1.5 hrs at night.....i feed him required amount milk defore sleep after dat also he wakes up...what can be the problem...????
Answer: Baby ko sleep karane see pehle app baby ke kgub khele ....then he tired and sleep well..... jb baby soye to uske sone ke baad bhi thodi der app baby se close hokr soye taki baby comfortable feel kare ...
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Question: What if the baby sleeps continues for 3-4 hours in day as well as night? Do i have to wake him after every 2 hours and feed him or let him sleep until he wakes up and then feed?
Answer: I have the same problem. But my doctor said 4 hours is fine. And a baby needs 17 hours sleep a day. So this is fine.
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