5 months old baby

Question: My baby is 5 months always she will rub her left ear but while rubbing she will not cry ,is any problem?

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Answer: If there's any problem she'll cry if she's not crying then there's no problem don't worry
Answer: No... its d signal to us that baby wants to sleep.
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    Thanuja Vijay461 days ago


Answer: No nothing to worry my baby also do this
Answer: No she may feel sleepy
Answer: Tq
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Question: My baby frequently rub her ear.. now ahe have 2 teethbin lower.. y she is always rub her ear
Answer: That might be due to worm infestation. Consult a pediatrician to cure it.
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Answer: Hello dear there are some reasons that why baby rubs eyes. Incomplete sleep. Teething Wants to sleep. Tired and itchy eyes
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