1 months old baby

Question: my baby is 1 month shall I start FM to feed aur let gv only BM

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Answer: Hi.. dear best would be to give only breastmilk. It has all the necessary nutrients required by baby in sufficient amount. It also has antibodies which help in preventing infections and contagious diseases. Breast fed babies fall less sick and they get immunity.. till 6 minths only bm. As much as we feed milk increases. Take care
Answer: Hello mam, if u bm flow is good and sufficient for baby then its best to provide breast milk only coz bm all those natural nutrients which any of the fm doesn't not hv. Plus bm also boosts the immunity and growth of the child
Answer: No dear give only BM
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Question: My baby is both on bm n fm... Till now she was taking both bm n fm feed.. Frm 2 days she cries to take bm feed... She refuses to latch.. Starts crying as i give mine... Feeling bad... She wants only fm now.. What shall i do
Answer: Hi! Sounds like the baby has developed preference for bottle. Do lot of skin to skin, try latching when the baby isn't hungry. Do not wait till baby gets hungry.Be topless, give a lot of skin to skin and let baby latch on her own time without pressure. Also for a while you might want to cut down to one bottle a day try feeding with nipple shield and slowly get rid of the shield, it should work. Good luck!
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Question: M a mother of 1 week boy baby.. he s nt sucking o opening mouth to tak bf, m Really worried, still he s on fm.. nw i decided to gv him oly fm.. thouh he s nt cooperating me to feed bm.. plz any suggestion dat how to feed him.. is there any effect to baby if i gv oly fm..
Answer: Pls visit lactation consultant to check your latch .. watch deep latch videos and try again. Also check whether ur nipple s inverted ..
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Question: Planning to start cerelac gvng only fm no bm so
Answer: Nothing other than formula milk or breast milk till 6 months.. Please baby digestive system is so delicate
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