4 months old baby

Question: my baby is 5 month old. still no period ???

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Answer: No problem. It will happen if u r in breast feeding or due to hormone.
Answer: Lucky you! Don't worry.
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Question: My baby is 9 months old still no teeth coming
Answer: Yes it's normal. My nephew didn't get his first tooth til he was a little over one. I remember reading that some babies are born with no teeth in their gums, and worrying that he'll never get teeth. Some babies are born with teeth and there are some that don't get their first tooth til they are at least a year old. If your baby falls anywhere in that range, they are perfectly normal. If they haven't got their first tooth by the time they are 18 months, you should take your child to your doctor to rule out any problems.
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Question: Hello mam, my baby is now 5 month old but still period is not coming.
Answer: Hi, dear when you are exclusively breastfeeding your baby then it's normal not to get your period because of hormonal changes. So dont worry but if you had unprotected sex in between then please do a home pregnancy test to confirm if its because of pregnancy or not and do consult with a gynaecologist.
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Question: Last lmp 5 jan still no period.. Pregency test negative????
Answer: Hi dear, Wait for some more days and retest .make sure you use first urine in morning only.day time urine would be diluted and there would be less Pregnancy hormones.you can also take up a blood test now.it will be more accurate.as many home Pregnancy test kits are faulty.
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