9 months old baby

Question: My baby is 9 month old she put her ear and crying .. what can i do

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Answer: Hello dear Might be ur baby is having ear pair. Ear pain are common in babies and it cause lots of pain which baby suffers. It comes rapidly but does not go soon. If u see that baby is rejecting milk or crying too much or having problem in sleeping one side then it shows that ur baby is having ear pain. Remedies for ear pain: Place a warm compress carefully over your child's ear for approximately 20 minutes. This may ease the earache.
Answer: Hi Pls try to see if thr is an infection in the ear, and takr the baby to Paed thr might be a pain due to infection in the ears and thats why baby is crying pls dont try to clean it on your own it might agravate the issue. Hope this helps!
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Answer: First clean her ear look if there is any infection if any advice Dr.
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Question: my Baby is 4 month old and she is suffering from ear pain what should i do? she is crying continuesly
Answer: Breast feed her and take her to doc as it may be bcoz of infection..
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Question: My 3 month old baby is suffering from cough and she is having ear pain also can i put my milk in her ear...as i put in her whenever it is needed?
Answer: Hello, Dear don't put anything in baby's ear please get it checked with doctor to know the reason of pain. Baby is very small and sensitive i don't think you should take any risk with baby. For cough massage some warm desi ghee on baby's neck , chest and back that will give her some relief and elevate her head a bit while sleeping. But do consult with doctor.
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Question: Y my baby is constantly digging her ear... N when I put oil in her ear she cries... What to do?
Answer: No donot drop any oil to babys ear , go to paediatric he will prescribed ear drop, and donot even clean the baby by itself.... May be chances of ear infection if she is on bottle feeding...
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