3 months old baby

Question: my baby is 3 month old. she make a snor like breathing sound.. she has any difficulty for breathing?

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Answer: My baby was snoring loudly up to 4 months... After dat it reduced in sound ...in medical term dat sound is called strider and it will be reduced gradually with weight gain.. Normally it wl go after 6 to 7 months... So u need not worry... Hv patience....all babies don't suffer....whose air track is little weak d sound produces when comes contact with voice box or larynx... D air track wl b healthier with body weight gain and after some months it will totally reduce... Give calcium and vitamin d3 drops orally... Dats it...All is well
Answer: I had similar doubt. Babies know to breath only through nose. When they keep mouth close and breath from nose during their sleep that makes such sounds.
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Question: My baby is 3.5 month old.nd she is make sound when breathing. ..when she was awake also she make sound.
Answer: Hi dear, If it is like wheezing sound then better check with doctor once.try to give steam to baby.it helps to open up the nasal passages.when the room air is dry,placing a room humidifier helps in baby breathing.but if you have been observing this for sometime then better to check with doctor once.
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Question: Hello my baby having difficulty take breathing problem ..but she is fine only breathing problem like sound gur gur any suggestions plz
Answer: Nasal drop.. use nasodrop 3-4times in aday before feeding.
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Question: My baby boy is two months old n he has a difficulty in breathing sometimes n make sounds like ooooo like that... What could be the reason
Answer: Hi frnd, babies make different sounds....nothing to worry... use the nasal drops if its being difficult to breath
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