10 months old baby

Question: My baby is 9 month old,she is pooping pale/clay color,is it normal?she is taking calcium supplement..

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Answer: Happened to our LO as well.. since we started her on baby formula..not sure about the calcium supplement.. because normal after switching to solids..
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Question: Whether 9 month old baby needed calcium and multivitamin supplement
Answer: Ya sure give him zincovit regularly...becoz if he doesn't eat properly the supplement will support for his growth
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Question: Black or clay colour stool is normal while taking folic acid and calcium tabkets
Answer: Hi dear, Black stool in pregnancy is mostly due to iron supplement.very rarely it could.be due to internal bleeding.but that is extreme rare case.while taking iron supplements,body cannot absorb all the iron,so it comes out of body through motion,thereby giving it black colour.they are harmless and nothing to be worried about.unless you have any other issue related to extreme constipation,then not to worry.once you stop iron supplements,stool color would come back to normal.
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Question: Mam my normal potty is 3times in a day, I am taking calcium and in supplement, is it OK?
Answer: Hi! Its normal nothing to be worried abt, keeping your body hydrated is important so up your water intake nothing wil happen.. Good luck!
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