5 months old baby

Question: My baby is 5 month old, she is not sleeping properly, night every one hour she wake up

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Answer: It's normal in newborns . That's how they function. It's not a concern. After few months they will start to follow a sleep routine. Follow a sleep pattern ensure to put your baby to sleep at the same time every day. Use milder lights that would indicate baby to sleep. Feed a little more during night hours for good sleep. If your baby takes two naps a during day time try to Avoid one.
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Question: My baby us 5 month old still she is not sleeping properly there is no silent sleep she will get up every one hour
Answer: Hi dear, it may be because of hungry. She might not be feeling full. Once check wether your feesing is sufficient or not. And as the baby already turned 6months ao u can start giving solids. Start with fruit purees, ragi poridge, home made cerelac, steamed carrot with ghee.
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Question: My baby is 4 months old .. at night he is not sleeping properly every one hour he wokes up
Answer: Hi.. I know this is the hard phase and you are going through it. Don't worry the sleeping pattern will change soon. Give your baby a good massage and try to bath your baby late evening so that they may have a sound sleep.
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Question: Hi my baby 5 month old she is not sleeping properly Wake up on every half hour whats the problem iam suffered pls anything solution give me rply
Answer: If you give only breastmilk then it is common in some cases as the breastmilk get digested very easily and quickly and baby gets hungry soon..so their sleeping will get disturbed..
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