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Question: My baby is 14 month old she does not play alone

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Answer: Dear a 14 month old will have a short attention span - letting him watch the TV might seem like a pain free solution, but it generally is considered to actually make things worse. What you should do is plan for a lot of engaging activities - almost simultaneously. For example sitting with him on the floor surrounded by a range of different toys which do different things (eg some squeak, some are crushable, some rattle, some come to pieces, some fit inside others) and as he discards one, grab another. You can revisit ones already discarded etc. The most important factor is that you are a part of this - talking, playing with your son, and engaging with him throughout. If you have some soft, coloured balls, throw them to him - they may not be caught, but at that age many kids like to try, even if they end up having most of them bounce off their nose/hands etc. When he does get too bored of that, try flying him round the room in your arms, sitting him on your shoulders...this is a high effort part of parenting, which does get easier, but right now you steer everything they do so you should plan for being the entertainment as much as possible.
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Question: Hi, my baby is 4 yrs old she is very crancy and dnt play alone. She wants me to play with her.
Answer: Yes they usually boring alone and need companion to play. As she is already 4 yo she can join kindergarten and communicate with other children after some time she will be more independent.
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Question: My baby cant play alone why
Answer: Dear some babies need their moms ir someone around and it is absolutely normal. Even my daughter was like that when she was that young infact I used to keep all the toys on kitchen floor so that she can play and I can work once she started sitting. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is 14 months old but she does not walk what to do?
Answer: Hii Generally 2 yrs maximum time babies take to walk. In first look out it's not a serious matter till the time other things are normal. Sometime babies doesn't get much of encouragement or opportunity to start walking g or sometime babies who are generally stay in lap or in car seat or stroller doesn't take interest in walking. You need to encourage ur baby to walk .Take baby to more of social places so that s/he will try to imitates other.   If you're concerned that your child is late to start walking, the first step is a medical examination, including a neurological exam and an assessment of your child's reflexes, posture, and muscle tone. The doctor will also take into account other developmental issues including language, fine motor, and social skills. This may helps u to understand the reason .  If your child's doctor can't identify a reason your toddler's not walking, she may simply recommend some games and play periods that involve encouragement and practice and have you come back for a follow-up exam at a later date. She might also recommend physical therapy, which would allow a trained professional to closely monitor your toddler's progress.
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