15 months old baby

Question: My baby is 14 month old how can I manage my baby and house work some tips please

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Answer: Dear here is what I used to do with my baby..When I'm in the kitchen doing the dishes or making dinner, I bring my baby in the kitchen with me and put her in her high chair with some snacks and her sippy cup. When I have to do the bathroom I put her in her bumbo chair and set her outside. When I clean I wear her. I also put on rhymes for her sometimes when I have to do things which take longer. I also have a toy box for her to help me put her toys in so they are not everywhere. She loves helping to put them away. After she puts one in the box she claps for herself. Make it fun for the both of you.
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Question: When i start my house work after c section delivery???my baby is 1 month old
Answer: Dear house work I started after 2 months. My baby's work I was doing after 1 month. It all depends on ur healing. I wanted to to take complete rest to ensure there is no set back later. And even my gynae said rest for 2 months so that you are better by the time you are in ur 3rd month and able to get back to household chores. Hope it helps.
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Question: Any work I can do.like house work.
Answer: Hello dear... You can do household work, it is good practice to stay fit and active,but don't lift any heavy object, and at the same time take rest as much as you can
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Question: My daughter is 14 months old. Can i have some tips to teach her habbit of pee and potty!
Answer: Hi! Remember that u don't give up, u wud end up having an easier life with a potty trained child. Take her to the washroom every two hours. Whether she does or not. Don't give up on that. If she pees in the training pants, let her know that it's wrong and that she is a big girl now. Whenever u use the washroom, inform her the reason you going, coz she needs to know that peeing is normal. There might me many times that u wud have to end up mopping the floor, but that's a part of this. Hope this helps!
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