4 months old baby

Question: My baby is 3 month old he is rubbing eyes and ears what should I do

Answer: Hello dear There can be various reasons of baby rubbing their eyes and ears: 1. Baby is feeling sleepy 2. Baby's eyes are dry 3. Baby is curious if she develops motor skills, she may be experimenting by touching every part of her body to understand how her body will respond. 4. Baby is loving to open the eyes, closing and rubbing the eyes to see different visual patterns 5. There might be something in baby's eyes. There is no need to panic or worry if you see your little one rubbing eyes. Just take proper care of baby and take preventive measures
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Question: My one month and 22days baby is having infections in his eyes and ears what should i do??
Answer: Please consult your doctor. Moreover expose him to the morning sunlight around 6 to 7 am. Baby will the benefits of Vitamin D and also the eye problems will reduce. Please dnt put ear buds for your baby at any cost. it is not recommended.wipe with cotton cloth at the outside part of the ear if any dirtyness occurred.
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Question: My baby is rubbing her eyes frequently . What should i do plz suggest
Answer: If the baby is sleepy she will rub the eyes as she is rubbing frequently she is not getting enough sleep, let create peace surroundings without any disturbance to sleep
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Question: Hello my baby keep rubbing his ears and he feel irritated what is problem
Answer: Do visit doctor if u have any doubt Don't delay solve confusion
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