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Question: My baby is 14 month old but she is not sleeping early at night

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Answer: Hi dear, There is no one miracle thing to help baby sleep faster and better.it is gradual process that eventually help in better sleep routine. 1- make sure the baby is away from distractions prior to sleep.too much stimulation in firm of room lights,TV sounds,playing around would make baby restless and avoid sleeping 2- make him feed just right.overfeeding or underfeeding would again make baby uncomfortable and hungry.so donot overfeed too. 3- make him wear comfortable clothes depending upon the climate 4- giving a warm shower prior to sleep in night would also relax baby to sleep 5- day time naps are equally important.sime parents avoid putting babies to sleep.in day time thinking the baby might not sleep in night But it is the other way round.a well rested baby in day time would sleep better during night too.too tired babies would be fussy bad have difficulty in sleepy 6-keep the baby well active.day time activity levels could also decide the amount of sleep baby would get in night 7-keep a sleeping pattern.choose one particular time for sleep.his biological clock would adjust to that time for sleep 8- never make baby drink too.much fluid prior to 3 hours of sleep.excessive urination would disturb the sleep 9-Keep checking the diapers ,as overwet diapers,or pooped diapers would make baby real uncomfortable 10- give light food especially at night to avoid any gastric issues Moreover ,babies when meeting milestones would have troubled sleep.so have patience.
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Question: My baby is 14 days old she is not sleeping at night what to do..?
Answer: Its common amongst new born babies. Give your baby sometime to adapt to this new world. Probably after 2months or 3months your baby will start sleeping at night normally. Meanwhile try to train the baby to sleep at night.
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Question: Hello,my baby is 8+months old but at night she is not sleeping properly
Answer: Dear at 8 months babies tend to have developed a routine, so try and make a bedtime routine to prepare the baby to sleep, so that he too understands its sleeptime for him. Like, after his dinner give a spongebath, then powder and change of clothes to something light and comfortable, try and dim the lights of the room, slow music in the background, but please ensure the music is relaxing and liked by the baby. My baby used to listen to one particular song and sleep, so I used to play it, and within few minutes she would be asleep. Have to try and check in his playing time how he reacts to music. Lie down near the baby for some time, as babies need to feel presence near them, once baby is asleep try and put a pillow near him so that in case he tries and searches for his mom, he’d touch the pillow and know he’s not alone. Babies tend to wake up if they feel they are alone. So I used to put a pillow by the side, and visit the room in between my work, so she knows she’s not alone and sleeps peacefully.
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Question: My baby is of three month old. He is not sleeping at night but he slept well at night.
Answer: Hi dear, if your baby is not sleeping at night recently then may be either your baby suffering from stomach discomfort or because of summer hotness he is not feeling well. Keep your baby in air condition if possible and covered with a light bed sheet not a blanket. Feed your baby before bedtime and burp well after and in between each feed. Old baby in upright position for 10 to 15 minutes after feed and then lie on bed for sleeping. That will help in digestion. Even in summer you can give your baby evening gentle massage followed by warm bath. Hope that will help you baby to get a good sleep.
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