6 months old baby

Question: My baby is 6 month old but she eats nothing.. not even breast milk

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Answer: Hi dear, There could be plenty reasons for your baby to temporarily stop feeding: 1- if your baby has cold,cough or even ear infection 2- any acid reflux could be one of the reason for not feeding enough 3- baby with tight neck muscles would also refuse feeding from a particular side of breast.talk to your doctor if that happens 4-insufficient milk supply could frustrate the baby 5-any ulcer it thrush infection in mouth 6-teething issue could also make baby fussy 7- in rare cases ,taste of milk would also make baby refusing milk 8-any cream or perfume that you using could.also impact baby. Don't hesitate to talk to your doctor if you feel anything strange with your baby.
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    Anju Sujan123 days ago

    How i identify the reason

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Question: My baby is 7 months old but she eats nothing only 2 3 spoons dal ka pani nd rice water only not even cerelac...what should i do
Answer: Hello Dear yu can give many things to yur baby. I'm sharing with yu diet plan for seven months baby. *Continue to breastfeed or formula-feed as much as required. *Rice ,Oats ,rajgira, ragi,Barley ,Semolina ,Wheat ,kuttu, Broken wheat ,Yellow moong dal *Apples ,Banana,Pears,Mango,PlumsSeedless Dates,Papaya,Avocado,Grapes,Kiwi,Peaches,Guava,Litchi Chikoo *You can mix the two or more fruits and make a smoothie. Or peel and cut a fruit into small pieces and feed to your baby by mashing or You can boil the fruit like apple, pear and mash it before feeding. *Don’t give the whole grapes to your baby. It’s a choking hazard fruit. Cut grapes into small pieces and give it to your baby. *Carrots, Beans, Broccoli ,Pumpkin, Peas ,Sweet potatoes,Bottle gourd,Cauliflower,Potato,Tomato,Spinach You can cook or steam the vegetables before offering to your baby. *Egg yolk, Ghee, curd, tofu n paneer *fish (not shellfish) and chicken when your child completes his 8 months. But start with fish) first. *avoid the processed meats like sausages, salami, ham. *Before cooking, wash thoroughly to remove all impuritie *Feed only home cooked nv food to your baby. *Talk to pediatric before introducing non-vegetarian food to your baby. *7 months baby will start eating the 3 times meal in a day along with breastfeeding/formula milk. You can introduce more food variations to his diet
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Question: my baby eats nothing only drinks milk
Answer: Hi Dear! These are phases kids go through almost all the babies go through this phase, dont worry but keep offering but please dont force the baby to eat, i know and can understand that how difficult it becomes when your baby rejects food and do not want to have anything. 1)Please try and introduce more variety to his platter, he will start accepting real soon. 2)Eat along include him in family meals 3)Dont force or distract feed 4)Encourage him to self feed. Try them his interest towards food will increase, pls give it some time.. Take care!
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Question: my baby girl is 9 months old.. she is 7.25 kg.. doctor said she is underweight.. she eats nothing.. even she cannot drink cow's milk.. plz help me.. what i have to do..??????
Answer: mine is same situation. ..my boy doesn't like to eat anything ...he wants only breast feeding ... bt see..nowadays doctor said me not to give him breast feeding at day....i m breast feeding him only at night.....at a time of day ..trying to give him bottle feeding..sometime he drinks nd sometimes not...bt even not to worry...na piye to kuchh khilao...mene gehu ..chaaval..aur mung dal ko ghee me roast krke grind krke rakha he aur use me grm pani me bnake apne bachhe ko khilati hun...jisse sahi poshan milega...
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