4 months old baby

Question: My baby is 3.5 month old..and she is showing symptoms of teething like putting everything in mouth,irritability,diarrhoea etc..her doctor said no need fr medicine her teeth will not come so soon..bt is there anything i cn do ..i cant see her like this🙁

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Answer: Hello dear Teething pain can be reduced by: 1. Give ur baby cold and hard things 2. Put pressure on gums by pressing with ur finger 3.A cold washcloth, spoon or chilled teething ring can be soothing on a baby's gums 4. Give hard food to babies.
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Question: hii.. my 3.5 month old baby girl try to put everything in her mouth. also her gums is little bit hard and she tried to chew everything like finger. does this her teeth extraction phase?? can we use teethers??
Answer: Teething is very tough stage because child has lot of discomfort Give him teethers soft nipple like yesterday that soothdn his need Apply dentogel where he is getting irritated a lot as it soothes the pain boy will be relaxed Always give only sterilised teethers If you don't find any improvement show to a dentist and they can guide you better
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Question: My baby's weight is 6 k.g. How to increase her weight. She has no interest in food. If someone give her anything like bottle, toy etc. she directly takes it to her mouth. Is it good or bad
Answer: Don't worry about weight 6 kg is normal give food which she can feed herself like booked apple and small dosa.
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Question: Hi all, my babt is 1year 1month.suffering from severe cough n cold. Symptoms r like running nose, mucus spits, breathing vigourously while sleeping, breathing through mouth etc. I have given him medicine n time to time i m putting nose drop too but everything in vain. Any useful home remeddy which will reallt work or any such kinda medicine.kindly help.
Answer: Hi,yes try these. Give steamalation,put nilgiri oil a few drops. Have ginger honey paste one teaspoon both should be in equal proportion Roast anwain and tie it in the clean cloth and make it's potli and do it's saik on the chest. Warm mustard oil with methi Dana and than apply that on the chest and back This will help
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