14 months old baby

Question: My baby is 14 month old and last two month he gained weight around 1 kg just after starting one aurvedic tonic to improve immunity system, is it normal or shall we stop giving such tonic? Till time we don't seen any side effects on baby and he is very active.

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Answer: Did u asked Dr before starting any medication. See Ur baby is small, plz dnt give anything before consulting Ur pediatrician. Without consulting and taking medicine is not good for anyone
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    Shital Gambhir-kulkarni60 days ago

    OK but gaining 1kg weight in two month is normal?

Answer: Plz tell me which is that ayurvedic tonic
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Question: How much one should gain weight till last trimester? My 7th month is starting soon and i had gained around 12 kg..
Answer: Hi dear if u r in average weight then u should gain 10 to 12 kg but if y r in lower weight then 15 to 20 kg but already u were overweight then 5 to 7 kg is enough.
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Question: my son is 20th month old but he don't eat properly and he cold soon .what to do improve immune system and to gain weight
Answer: hi, since he had cold, his appetite is not there. hence try to give him warm soups. it will be soothing and also help his appetite to come back. also give him lots of fluids to keep him hydrated. after his appetite comes back start giving dry fruits in his meals. also include ghee as it has good fats and also helps to digest. give him different shapes of food. offer different colour of foods. Eat with him which will also inspire him to eat. lastly, please do not force feed him.
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Question: my 6th month has started but I have only gained 1 kg till now and weight is around 70kg...it is not increasing it is common??
Answer: Optimal weight gain during pregnancy ranges from 10-15kg. however each pregnancy is different some might gain less whereas some might gain upto 2kg depending on their body type. During pregnancy one needs to be very wise selecting diet. You need to take lots of protein and carbs whereas have to cut short on sugar,oil and spice. Keep your meals simple. Reduce the quantity and eat at every 2hours. This way your metabolism will be high and the calories will be consumed immediately rather than getting stored. Include more of fruits and Dryfruit this way there will be healthy weight gain . You ll have strong stamina rather than just accumulating fat in your body which will be tough to get rid of post delivery. Drink water at every hour. This will improve your digestion and will also cleanse your body.
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