5 months old baby

Question: My baby is 5 month old and I have to join office can I give her semisolid food

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Answer: Hello dear wait for 1 month more. The best time to start solids is only after 6 months . Yes before 6 months the enzymes are not completely build that help the food to digest. And early start of solids may lead to colic, digestive issues etc. So wait till 6 months is a worth. Also baby takes 4-6 months to hold the neck completely . A strong head to neck control helps the baby to accept solids well and can easily swallow.
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Question: My baby is 6 month old..what ll b her food...semisolid food..what should i give her.
Answer: Foods Which You Can Introduce to Your 6 Months Old Baby Breast milk or formula milk. Mashed banana. Stewed apple. Well steamed and pureed vegetables like carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin , french beans. Pulse soup (moong dal ka pani) Rice Water (Chawal ka pani Some finger food -small chunks of banana or other very ripe, peeled fruit  cut into pieces; thin cheese strips or very small chunks of cheese; cut-up seedless grapes Most pediatricians recommend starting your infant on Yogurt around 7-8 months of age. Some pediatricians also recommend yogurtas a great first food (from 6 months+). Selecting a Whole Milk Yogurt is the most beneficial to your infant as babies need fats in their diets for proper growth
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Question: My baby is 5 months and 6 days old. Can I give him Formula as I have to join my office just after 10 days.
Answer: since baby already finished 5 months you can give formula milk you can also pump breast milk and store in fridge so that you can warm the milk and feed the baby if you want to start formula milk please consult doctor and start
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Question: I have to join office in dec. Then my baby's age will 5 and half months can i start something semisolid to her after 5th month
Answer: You can start semi solid food only after the baby is 6 months old. Until then breast milk or formula milk is the best
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