4 months old baby

Question: Hii evry1......my baby is 4 month old and i give her sometimes formula milk....is it ok....especially when i go out

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Answer: There are different ways to increase breast milk So you need not worry about it Milk Wheat roti or bread with milk Fenugreek Garlic Spinach Etc You can also try granules that gives more flow of milk You can pump your milk store in bottles designed for them warm it in warmer before feeding Formula should be considered as last or emergency option.
Answer: Yeah it's totally fine u can start to give . Some mom's give for the baby to catch hold on the bottles some give cos the milk is being insufficient some give for other reasons.
Answer: Absolutely OK. Take care that you breast feed her on regular basis and use formula milk only when urgent need
Answer: Hello......no problem u can do so...
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Question: When I give formula milk to my baby she is 4 month 13 day old a
Answer: Hello! Its not at all necessary to formuls feed your child Your milk is the best for your baby. Breast milk has all the nutrition which is required by the baby at this age. Breast milk work on demand and supply formula, the more it sucks the more the baby gets. Have faith on yourself and keep feeding your milk, Baby will bd healthy, hearty and happy. Good luck!
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Question: 4 month baby.. Can i give her formula milk. Is it safe and good for health or not. Plzz suggest any name of formula milk. Help me out.
Answer: You can give Nan pro or lactogen. If my answer is satisfied then mark as helpful.
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Question: Hello my baby girl is 4 months 21 days old. I give one time formula milk ( lactogen ).bt when now I give it to her some rashes around her mouth. Which formula milk I give it to my baby?
Answer: Stop lactogen and try Similac. Its good for baby growth and development
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