11 months old baby

Question: Hii...my baby is 9 month old and i did breastfeeding only for 1 and half month after that she stop taking breast milk i dint use breastpump also but still today some milk discharge is there when i pressing tightly..is it normal?

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Answer: Yeah it is normal until 1 and half year in some women... plz try to feed breast milk to ur baby at ur level best... coz bm is very essential for baby
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Question: My baby is 2yrs 9 month old , how I can stop breastfeeding he is still taking it
Answer: Apply pinch of asafoetida (heeng) on nippls the taste may alter which may aid to stop breastfeeding
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Question: Hii. I dont get milk yet now ,still pressing breasts nd can't able to suck. Im worried abt baby not taking breast feed..
Answer: New born having difficult to suck the breast u obviously provide breast milk without expressed out and your nipple may inverted means baby can't suck properly u pull it out and Express to baby mouth help to suck
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Question: I am breastfeeding mom.. in the breast milk there is not hindmilk only foremilk...how to make breast milk thicker??
Answer: Before feeding press and massage your breasts...and make sure your baby to lactate properly i.e your baby's mouth should cover your areola so tat your baby will get hindmilk...proper lactation will help your baby to get proper hindmilk
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