Question: my baby is 4 month old and he has lots of rashe's with the diaper,,I m using siloderm mixi n coconut oil also .BT no effect on rashes..kindly gI've me some remedies for rashes..

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Answer: give your baby some time diaper free rashe will treat in in the contact pf air and dry baby bottom
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    Farhin Maaz Ghasit695 days ago

    Boroline ya boroplus lagao jaldi thk hoga

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Question: Kindly suggest some homemade remedies for diaper rashes in my 4 month old daughter??
Answer: Dear the best remedy which i till date use for 5 years old is just apply a good amount of puree coconut oil on the area after every pee poop and avoid daiper for somedays at least till the rash is cured.. wash and wipe the area properly because wetness can also cause rashes..
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Question: My baby is 5 months old... Please suggest something good for Diaper rashes... M using coconut oil.. Boroline.. Himalya diaper rash... But nothing is working
Answer: Dear a humble suggestion to you, don't use diapers... Instead of that try to make the habit of baby to do su su... Like try to take him every hour to washroom for susu .. ye he is small but definitely he will learn .... Only use diapers in night time... And that time also whenever you wakeup at least change one diaper in a night... Don't use and diaper for whole night... This is what I do for my baby...
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Question: my baby has little diaper rashes from yesterday night. she cries a lot. I am using B4Nappi cream. can I also apply coconut oil.
Answer: hlo dear u should have to use mamaearth ant diaper rash cream.its made of natural sources n very effective...
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Question: Hello mommies ! My baby is 15 months old. He has got diarrhea since last 4 weeks. And also has got rashes in the nappy area. Kindly suggest some home remedies or any other solutions. I done with all medicines. Thanks.
Answer: For nappy rashes try aloe vera gel it is very effective. Below are some of the reasons for loose motions :- 1.) Teething time is one of the main reasons for loose motions in babies 2.) Introduction of new solid food can cause loose motions in babies. 3.) Improper digestion can trigger loose motions in children. 4.) Infection due to virus or bacteria can also be another reason for disturbed motions in babies. 5.) Strong medication can cause loose motions in children. Please avoid. 6.) Poor Hygiene and bad weather can also trouble baby’s bowel movements. Home Remedies to Cure Loose Motions in Babies:- 1. Sabudana Water for Loose Motions in Babies Give your baby sabudana ka pani ( Sago Water) . Process to make sadubana water is as below. Soak sabudana for 1 hour. Put sufficient water and keep it on boiling Boil till sabudana get completely immersed in water. Strain and give sabudana water to your baby to cure loose motions. Recommended Age: 6+ months 2.  BreastMilk helps recover If you are breastfeeding your baby then you should continue feeding your child. Breastmilk is the best solution to keep baby hydrated if he is below 6 months of age. During loose motions, you can increase the frequency of feeding. If your baby is exclusively on breastfeeding then you have to cut down foods like greasy foods, spicy foods, dairy products which can trigger diarrhea in your child. 3. ORS as Home Remedy Give your baby plenty of fluids. Babies tend to dehydrate faster than adults. Give your baby ORS (Oral Rehydration Salts). ORS is a special combination of dry salts that is mixed with safe water. Oral Rehydration Salts can help replace the fluids lost due to diarrhoea. You can buy ORS sachets from the market or make ORS at home. Home-made ORS It is the most effective and least expensiveway to manage dehydration. Ingredients 6 teaspoons of sugar 1/2 teaspoon of salt 1 liter of filter water Procedure Dissolved the sugar, salt in water. Give this solution to your child to drink after every 2 hours. 4. Banana for treating diarrhea in babies Give your baby mashed banana. Or you can try to give banana with a little curd. It is the most traditional home remedy to stop loose and it works wonders. Banana provides strength and energy. 5. Pomegranate cures loose motions in kids Give pomegranate juice at regular intervals. This will help in rehydrating the child. Blend the pomegranate seeds in a mixer and extract its juice. If you think, juice is too heavy for little one then dilute it with water and feed your baby.  Recommended Age: 7+ months 6. Curd or dahi is best probiotic Curd helps to cure diarrhoea. Give your baby fresh curd/ dahi with roasted cumin seeds/ jeera powder. Or you can add half teaspoon of sugar and pinch of salt and give it to your baby. Recommended Age: 6+ months 8. Chawal  ka pani as a remedy when baby stomach is upset Give your child, chawal ka pani to drink during motions. 9.  Dal ka Pani to treat loose motions in babies 10. Give your baby coconut water to drink in loose motions 11. Nutmeg (Jaiphal) tackles with loose motions in kids. Recommended Age: 10+ months 12. Arrowroot powder to cure upset tummy 13. Buttermilk to treat loose motions Recommended Age: 8+ months 14. Carrot Juice is also good in loose motions 15.  Honey is very effective in fighting loose stools 16. Avoid milk products when baby is suffering from loose motions 17. Pomegranate Leaves Pomegranate (Anar) helps to rehydrate our body. For this remedy, you need to boil the pomegranate leaves in water. Once its boiled, add sugar into it then strain through a sieve. Hope it helps.
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