5 months old baby

Question: My baby is 5 month 10 days old.. he is not even trying to turn. What i shd do

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Answer: It's alright Some babies are fast. Some a slow. Each baby is different. Baby will eventually turn on to his stomach, then crawl and sit Just be calm and be patient
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Question: my baby girl is 5 month old an she is not turn side what to do
Answer: Hi dear, this is absolutely ok if 5 month old child is not rolling yet but is trying hard . The rolling span for kids are 4- 8 months few starts early and others achieve this milestone in later months it's absolutely fine no need to worry about this, to increase the possibility of rolling give lots of tummy time to your child and massage his hands and shoulders two to three times a day. Your baby's healthy and doing great don't worry relax and enjoy his childhood.
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Question: Hi my baby is 3 and half month old. Till now he has not turned on his stomach. He is not even trying to turn even on one side. Please tell what to do...
Answer: Dont worry dear. Not all babies are same. Mine has just completed 4 months and is still trying to turn from last 2-3 days. He is now able to turn whole his body but finds difficult with his head which i suppose he will be able to do in due time. So dont worry and be patient.
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Question: My baby is 6 month and 18 days old.. He is not trying to move.. What can i do..
Answer: I do not worry as every baby is very different and they achieve their mind stones at the and their own pace do not worry however give good massage to the baby help the baby help the baby to turn it since this will help
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