4 months old baby

Question: My baby is 3 month 29 days old. Can i give him buffalo milk instead of formula milk? Currently he is on formula milk.

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Answer: Hello dear, for a 4 month old baby it's a big no for cow milk or any other buffalo Milk. In fact you should  breastfeed your little one and If you want to choose formula milk,, the best is go for Nan Pro. It has it's share of benefits. It will not let your child feel constipated, and will also gove your baby all the essential nutrients required for the proper growth. Remember one thing your baby is too young and so is the intestine which will digest mother's feed or formula feed as it's light in nature. Take care ur little one....
Answer: Till 6 month carry on formula milk after that try 1 to 2 times in a day if your baby digest it, increase gradually quantity and no of feeding
Answer: Hi buffalo milk is not advisable at this stage as it can't be digested by the baby. Please continue with formula milk.
Answer: Plz don't give any outside milk.because we need to boil for long time or else they will get disease easily
Answer: This month babies digest very sensitive so if you choose the formula milk..nan pro is the best.
Answer: No. Buffalo milk is not safe for baby. Till 6 months give him breast milk or formula milk only.
Answer: Don't mix any milk as of now wait till 6 months. Baby's digestion is very sensitive.
Answer: If you choose the famula milk and nan pro is the best..
Answer: No only breast milk or formula me like till 6 months
Answer: Babies are unable to digest cow n buffalo milk
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Question: Can I give buffalo milk to my 3 month old baby...as I have to go on my work again nd formula milk is not enough for him
Answer: Hello dear, please don't give any milk other than formula or breastmilk to your baby, it's not at all healthy for such small babies and they cannot digest it. You can express your milk and store in freezer milk will be good upto 6 months. Don't give any other milk until 1 year
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Question: My baby is 1 yr n 3mths old which milk can i give him now instead of formula milk?
Answer: Hi dear now you can start with the milk which is available cow milk and goat milk is lighter otherwise even buffalo milk will do.
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Question: hello my baby is 2.5 yr old and likes buffalo milk instead of cow milk .. can i give him buffalo milk ? is there any disadvantages
Answer: Dear, you can give your baby buffalo's milk. There is no disadvantages to give buffalo's milk. But you should mixed some water in milk and give your baby. If you want to give your baby cow's milk then You can also try to mix buffalo and cow's milk and give your baby Hope it will help you dear
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