6 months old baby

Question: my baby is 5 month 21 days having temp 98.3 is it ok

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Answer: It's completely normal.. not worry
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Question: My baby having 99.4 temp is it normal?
Answer: Hello! 99.4 is not normal. It means the baby is having fever. You can also dose of paracetamol as suggested by the doctor. Also continue breastfeeding the baby as the breastmilk has antibodies which helps the baby to fight against the bacteria. Take care
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Question: baby body temp is 99 is it OK?
Answer: Hii it is fine. If temp would be 100.4 or higher then u shod be concerned.
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Question: Hi my baby temperature is 98.3. Is it fever
Answer: Dear body temperature is normal till 98.6 it's same for adult and babies also... after 99 it is considered as a temperature..so if your baby is having 98.3 temperature it's completely normal so don't worry at all.....
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Question: why ma baby body temp always 98 or 98.3 pllzzz answer na question
Answer: Hi,this is the normal temperature and there is nothing to worry.
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