10 months old baby

Question: My baby is 9 month 23 days but she is not crawling and sitting.

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Answer: There are few milestones if they are achieved first then crawling and walking will be achieved later that is true as in some babies they develop teething at any age of 6 months and their crawling and sitting will happen after 11 months. ask your pediatrician about the development exercises which you can do to your baby to help her bones strong and capable to stand. always massage your baby's hands and legs with a good massage oil that not only boosts the circulation but also promotes bone growth. keep encouraging your baby to crawl by keeping his favourite toy or favourite food a little ahead where he is lying. lots of encouragement is required for these small babies to bring them to crawling. you can start making your baby to sit on floor because baby always sitting on bed or lying on bed have less crawling reflexes then the ones in directly touch with earth and the elements. you can also start sitting your baby with help of pillows so that will develop her a need of sitting ,you can support her by putting her in crawler or a baby chair for her that will improve her sitting posture and will develop a different sense. Ensure that you have started calcium and Vitamin D supplements for you baby if not ask your provider and pediatrician to give you the Calshinr-D drops or calcimax -P or both of them. take care
Answer: Hello ma'am , aap baby ko jitna ho sake pet ke bal letaye or khud dekhte rahe .kyuki jab baby pet ke bal hota hai to Na sirf uske neck ke muscle strong hote hain balki wo muscles bhi strong hote hain jisse usse crawling karne me help milti hai . Aap din me ek baar baby ko walker , palne se utarkar khud se chijo ko dekhne or samajhne de kyuki aisa mana jata hai ki aap baby ko jitna bandh ke rakhoge utna hi baby ko khud me kuchh karne ka interest khatm ho jata hai . Aap baby ko uska favourite toys ya food samne rakhke usse crawling ke liye motivate kar Sakti hai . Thanku
Answer: Hello ! Every baby is different . Some babies take time to crawl and sit . It might take time till 12 months for the baby to crawl . Dont worry keep encouraging your baby . Stand in distance and call his name or place his favourite toy little away and ask him to get it . Also make sure that you give your baby lot of floor time .keep him on a mat on floor surrounding him with lot of toys . Hopefully this helps you . Take care
Answer: Properly massage her....minimum 5 times a day n feed her
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Answer: Hello dear Every baby is different so are their activities, please note some baby's learn late and its absolutely fine. May be he is getting developed at others areas. Don't worry he will start sitting and crawling soon. Just keep on massaging ur baby daily.
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Question: My baby is 7 mnths 23 days...but she is not crawling...why??
Answer: Hello dear There is nothing to worry as some baby will learn rarely to crawl and some are taking time. We can't compare each and every child. All are unique. It is just taking time. Every child is different. You should not worry as i think your lil one will surprise you one day by not bothering about being on her belly and being able to crawl
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Answer: Keep massaging her legs with sesame oil Sit with her in early mrg sunlight for 1/2 hr Continue to give nutritious diet n calcium syrup prescribed U try n make hersit for sometime with support from all sides for atleast 2 times a day. Check she does not have any pain
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