7 months old baby

Question: My baby is 6 month and her weight is 6.5 kg. How to increase her weight.

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Answer: Hello Keep your baby well hydrated it is very important in such season. For the baby to gain weight you can include ghee or butter tossed meals as oils and fats give energy and increase weight. Include bananas Yogurt ragi oats mashed potatoes dal eggs fruit juices. You can also give them new finger food prepared at home like French fries or other creative things recipes are found online. You can give them seasonal fruits that are tasty and healthy. Hope I helped
Answer: In 6 months ur baby should be exactly double of her birth weight. And weaning (with rice or khichri,soups,boiled and semisolid non spicy foods home made foods in accurate amount in devided 6-8 times/day)
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Question: Hi friends my baby has completed 10 months her weight is nit increasing shr is very active her weightis 6.5 kg what I do to increase her weight
Answer: If your child is active and achieving all the milestones on time then don't worry about weight gain. You should keep high calories food in your child's regular diet in form of Banana, dry fruits, paneer, cheese, butter, yoghurt, potato ,sweet potato, pumpkin, rice etc. If your daughter is taking proper feed then will gain proper weight too. Don't worry .
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Question: How to gain my baby weight ?? She's 7 months old and her weight is 6.5 kgs
Answer: Give him fruits and vegetables purees ,u can give him porridge usme ghee add karo , milk and biscuit do
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Question: My Baby is 7 And half months old her Wight is 6.5 kg is her weight is not ok
Answer: Give her protein rich food like dal and mashed banana mashed apple ,mashed potato and papaya
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