13 months old baby

Question: My Baby Rishon is 12 month + and he don't like milk al all. He likes to eat fruits move in comparison to food. I give me Dalia, oats and roti. Is it ok..or what I should do?

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Answer: Yes it is very good he is liking foods more than milk. U should start giving him more foods and less milk. Give him more smoothies pureed foods fruits finger foods and the other home cooked foods he will be fine
Answer: Milk is good but if he is eating well balanced diet that include protein, vegetables and fruits. Then you shouldn't be worried
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Question: My son doesn't like food?he just likes to eat fruits n dry fruits?what should i do?
Answer: hie, try introducing new flaours in an attractive way. with kids its all amout going by their tase buds and offering colurful dishes. you may introuce a variety of dishes that include fruits also associatig foods with superpower works wnders for my kid. I usually play the game of superpower that the food will give give so that the meal time is more stress free. dont force feed your baby let his adjust to the taste of food just make sure you keep trying
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Question: Hi my baby is 10 month + he like to eat oats can i give him he don't like kheer
Answer: Hi dear, You could make oatmeal by using rolled oats or organic ones,boil it in little water for 3 minutes or till its cooked.add a mashed banana or boiled mashed apple.you an feed the baby little little,as the texture of oats is little gooey or sticky.you could also dry roast the oats,and cook in similar way.end of the cooking you can also add formula milk or breast milk to dilute it further.do not use cow milk till 1 year,as babies find it difficult to digest it.anf some babies also develop Allergy.
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Question: hi...I am 12 weak pregnant and I don't like to eat food and all fruits only I like to eat it's good for my baby health .....from 3days I am only eating fruits pls rply
Answer: fruits are good but plZ don't avoid food whatever u like in food item have it but don't replace it wd fruits TC 😘
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