6 months old baby

Question: My baby is 5month 17days mine was c section delivery.now the main problem is m getting backpain and legspain at night while sleeping.so i want to start yoga r exercise so can i do it r no.. because m worried about c section does it pain if i do exercise.....than if it not than please tell me which pose i should do everyday early morning

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Answer: Start with few normal poses which doesnt stress your tummy breathing exercises like that later increases the poses .go for well trained yoga classes.
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Question: I had my c section delivery 46days before... Now I m having back pain while walking n while lying on floor.. What should I do to overcome backache... home remedies r exercises if any please
Answer: This can be due to muscular weakness of the back muscles which generally occurs because of long sitting hours to take care of the baby Its very common after pregnancy and delivery, generally a great change of life Take rest when ever possible Try Hot water fomentation Apply pain killer gel Avoid sitting for long hours Keep Changing the posture during feeding some strengthening as well as stretching exercises will be helpful for sure if not relieve you can also go to physiotherapist.
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Question: i m 22 weeks pregnent. what to do for normal delivery because i don't want c-section .
Answer: U can't decide anything dear...Ur gynecologist will decide whether it's normal delivery or c section based on Ur health condition and baby position
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Question: I had a c section (1 month back) wh can i start doing exercise ......does it harm my stomach doing early exercise
Answer: Light exercise like hand n leg exercises u can do ..but abdominal exercises should be started only after two months of delivery
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