3 months old baby

Question: My baby is keeping his both hands in his mouth how to avoid it?

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Answer: It's natural!! Nothing to worry.. My baby also doing the same. Keep cleaning the baby hands with warm water
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Question: My son is keeping hands in mouth and not drinking milk how to avoid him keeping hands from his mouth
Answer: don't worry this is normal at 4 months they explore their body and that is why they put in hands in the mouth and also their feet in their toes in their mouth it is a cute moment and not a bad habit and they will stop it soon
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Question: How to stop baby from keeping his hands in mouth
Answer: Hello dear, making the baby wear mittens is one way to prevent the baby from chewing on his hands...and generally babies outgrow this habit by 6-8 months of age when they start to crawl..
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Question: How to avoid a baby keeping his fingers in mouth
Answer: Dear you can use femite lotion as it is for the same purpose. Just applying it on thumb would help. Your baby wouldn't be taking the thumb inside the mouth after that. Hope it helps.
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