7 months old baby

Question: My baby is just 7 months old..he his suffering from constipation what should I do?

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Answer: Hello... To reduce babys constipation, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... You can feed your baby with little lukewarm water will give releive from constipation, along with solid feed your baby water regularly, can feed baby with raisin juice, best remedy for constipation and also promotes digestion You can massage your baby tummy in circular motion around navel, will help in releving constipation You can give warm water bath, it helps in execreting and it will be more effective Start giving baby a little movement, like bicycle, will help intenstine to work and releases poop, for this you have to hold your baby's leg slowly and rotate like riding a cycle alternatively, this will also helps in releasing of gas
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Question: My baby is suffering from running nose only what should I do he is just 7 months old
Answer: Hello! Growing babies explore a lot and grab everything, so it's easy for him to pick up a cold virus on his hands.you can try these effective home remedies to treat runny nose.. • Boil some water in a pot and then add some mint leaves, basil leaves, a little pepper, ginger and breastmilk till the water boils to a point to leave only about 3/4th of original quantity. Now let this solution cool down and administer this to the baby every night. • Combine 1/4th tbsp of turmeric powder, dates and 1/4th tbsp of celery seeds (ajwain) and boil them all with milk. Cool it down and administer it to the baby.
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Question: my baby is suffering from constipation what should I do ?he is 1month old
Answer: Breast feed your baby at the right time, on demand. constipation can cause stomach pain and this can to an extent be treated by breast milk. even after breastfeeding, this condition persists, ask your doctor for a better solution. never try any home remedies on your one month baby
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Question: My brother's baby is 14 months old. He is suffering from constipation... What should i do? Plz advice
Answer: Hello dear... To reduce babys constipation,follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Include fiber rich foods like oats,millet Feed more water,you can include soups,juice Give dryfruits daily You can also feed fig smoothie,banana smoothie will be helpful
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