4 months old baby

Question: My baby is just entered into 5th month...he is sucking his thumb .if we remove he is crying...he is not having a good amount of BM... please help me.. how to make him to gain weight and not to suck his thumb

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Answer: It shows his hunger. Do not leave him hungry. Keep his stomach filled.
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Question: My 4 month old always try to suck his thumb or hands n when we dont let him do the sucking he start crying..wt to do
Answer: Don't worry about this and don't try to stop the baby. Sometimes the baby sucks thumb to achieve a milestone. It's perfectly ok
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Question: My little one has developed a bad habit of sucking his thumb, need your suggestion how to make him not to suck it? Please help
Answer: Make him wear a scratch proof baby mittins..he may not be able to find his thumb
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Question: My baby is not crying if he is hungry.he is sucking his thumb .how can i avoid that habit.
Answer: U can get a gel from near by druggist and it is like a liquid which u have to apply on baby's thumb and it tastes little bitter. He will eventually stop sucking it....
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