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Question: my baby is just 9 days old and he doesn't do poty but vomit yesterday night . normally he does poty everday. please guide

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Answer: Breast fed babies almost never get constipated where as for formula fed babies usually face this problem. Do the bicycle legs. Take babies temperature. Massage her tummy. Place the baby on her back n rub with ur plam in clock wise motion. For a minute or 2. Give ur baby a warm bath the thing is the hot water will soothe ur baby. Getting him to relax so he can let go of everything he s holding. Never use a laxative as babies are too little they can get seriously dehydrated and lead to other complications.
Answer: newborns can have tiny, frequent poops. But, if you notice your newborn isn't going at least once a day, or he's pooping more oftenthan he's eating, call your doctor. As time marches on, your baby will poop less often. Formula-fed babies go about once a day, but this may be different for each child.
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Answer: Hi, consult your Dr immediately. Also give sunlight to tour baby as giving sunlight is the best remedy for babies during jaundice take care dear.
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Question: My baby is 9 months and 14 days old but he doesn't have his teeth yet...what to do
Answer: I usually the baby should start getting teeth from 4 months of age it could be possible that the baby has a low calcium level before it is advisable to consult to the doctor so that everyone option can give the baby the calcium supplement which unit the baby to get its teeth
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