3 months old baby

Question: My baby is just 2 and half month she is crying always what can i do

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Answer: Hi dear, At times it can be very frustrating if baby won't stop crying but you need to keep calm and try soothing the munchkin  Swaddling. Wrap your baby in a blanket so he feels secure.Side or stomach position. Hold your baby so they’re lying on their side or stomach. But always put them on their back when going to sleep.Shushing. Create "white noise" that drowns out other noises: run the vacuum cleaner, hair drier, fan or clothes drier.  "Shhhhhh…shhhh…shhhh…" soundsSwinging. Create a rhythmic motion of any kind. For example, take your baby for a ride in a stroller or car.Sucking. Let the baby suck on something, such as a pacifier.Get Outside.  The motion may be all she needs to calm right down. Fresh air can also work wonders both for cranky babies and their bedraggled moms Sing a Song
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Question: My baby is 9 month old she put her ear and crying .. what can i do
Answer: Hello dear Might be ur baby is having ear pair. Ear pain are common in babies and it cause lots of pain which baby suffers. It comes rapidly but does not go soon. If u see that baby is rejecting milk or crying too much or having problem in sleeping one side then it shows that ur baby is having ear pain. Remedies for ear pain: Place a warm compress carefully over your child's ear for approximately 20 minutes. This may ease the earache.
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Question: My baby in now 4 months she always crying before sleeping... What can i do
Answer: Hello dear Might be ur baby is feeling hungry, thats why he is crying before sleeping. As ur baby is small so, after every feed he is passing urine because of which baby again feels hungry. Dont worry just feed ur baby after every 2 hrs will give ur baby calm sleep
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Question: My baby is given 1 and half month vaccine , she is crying lots what can i do for pain
Answer: Just place hot water with the help of cotton or cloth in that injected place often...it will reduce swelling mam
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