5 months old baby

Question: My baby is is 5 months old & Wight 5.5 kg & she not sleeping at night what can i do

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Answer: Hi dear. why you please confirm that your baby is having any kind of stomach pain or gas issue because this is the main reason of baby feeling uncomfortable during night and also make sure that the temperature the room should not be too hot or cold . offer check your baby's body is there is any kind of rashes or another injury on your baby's body . make sure that her tummy is full before you letting her to sleep
Answer: Since the baby sees the surrounding and starts playing the sleeping time will be reduced..play with your baby..if the baby gets tired she sleeps automatically
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Question: My baby is not sleeping at night time she is 2months old what to do
Answer: Hi,ideally around 12-15 bags rest told him to make lot on jul es
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Question: My baby is 14 days old she is not sleeping at night what to do..?
Answer: Its common amongst new born babies. Give your baby sometime to adapt to this new world. Probably after 2months or 3months your baby will start sleeping at night normally. Meanwhile try to train the baby to sleep at night.
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Question: My baby is 5 months old ..she is just 5.5 kg weight ...it's normal or not...birth weight is 2.75 kg...can give any food for my baby
Answer: Same pinch ...my baby girl was also 2.7 at birth tym..n now she is 6th months old and c is 6.1 kg...c is so active so I m not concern abt her weight...if ur baby also seems active and happy thn plzz let it go ...she will gain herself after a certain period of time...😘 God bless ur lil doll
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