6 months old baby

Question: My baby is in the process of teething n getting cranky n irritated.cry's continuously n need something in his mouth. Plz provide some remedies to reduce his pain

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Answer: Hi, yiu can give him a gel free teether. You can give cild massage to gums like cold spoon massage ie cold cloth massage. It should help
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Question: My little one keeps his fingers always in the mouth is this because of teething?? Can I try teething toys?
Answer: if u c following traits dan it might be: 1 Drooling: Teething tends to stimulate drooling in babies. This is your first sign. 2 Swollen Gums: If you happen to observe red, inflamed gums, this could mean that your baby is teething. 3 Slight Visibility of a tooth in the Gums: A faint white-ish mass below your baby’s gum is a good indicator that he is teething. 4 Fussy at Bedtime: Yes, teething can keep your baby up all night. 5 Ready to Chew: When babies begin teething, they are ready to chew on anything they can lay their hands on. 6 Eating Problems: The discomfort they experience during teething can make them refuse food too. 7 Crying: The discomfort of teething is unbearable for kids and makes them cry frequently. 8 Coughing: Some babies tend to cough mildly when they are teething. 9 Fever: Some babies tend to run a fever when they are teething. Ways to help teething baby: Rub a clean finger along the baby’s gums. This will help soothe the pain. Use a cold cloth to rub the gum. You can even use a cold spoon to soothe the gums. Drooling can cause skin rashes and irritation. Make sure you have a cloth handy to clean the drool, thus preventing irritation. Give frozen banana, cool cucumber to chew. Offer teethers
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Question: My baby in his teething process n facing lot of problems like motions, vomiting ,fever suggest any remedy
Answer: Hi dear, if your teething baby seems uncomfortable, consider these simple tips: Rub your baby's gums. Use a clean finger or moistened gauze pad to rub your baby's gums. The pressure can ease your baby's discomfort. Keep it cool. A cold washcloth, spoon or chilled teething ring can be soothing on a baby's gums. Don't give your baby a frozen teething ring, however. Try hard foods. If your baby is eating solid foods, you might offer something edible for gnawing — such as a peeled and chilled cucumber or carrot. Keep a close eye on your baby, however. Any pieces that break off might pose a choking hazard. Dry the drool. Excessive drooling is part of the teething process. Having a teething ring, fingers or other objects in the mouth produces saliva. To prevent skin irritation, keep a clean cloth handy to dry your baby's chin. Consider applying a moisturizer such as a water-based cream or lotion.
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Question: Hi my baby has thrush in his mouth especially his tongue .plz tell me some home remedy to reduce it.
Answer: Oral thrush is a fungal infection.It could also leading to avoiding feeds by baby and irritability. Please consult your pediatrician to know if your baby needs antifungal medicines for it. You should also treat your nipples with antifungal creams to avoid passing of the infection back and forth to you and baby.
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