7 months old baby

Question: My baby is in teething phase.he is 7 months old.today I feel one teeth in his mouth while massaging his gums..my qs is he is having drastic rashes allover on his body..is this any sign of teething?I know all signs but m not sure that rashes are because of teeth or it is any reaction?he is in pain and I can't see him like this.plz tell if somebody know about this

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Answer: Please consult your examine rashes.. Examination of skin is important
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    Nisrin Kc26 days ago

    Rashes could be because of food or dust allergy as he puts everything in his mouth. Definitely not because of teething.

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Answer: No dear, it is just a myth. most babies will develop teeth between 8-12 months.the first teeth to come in are almost always the lower front teeth.teething symptoms include irritability, disrupted sleep, drooling, loss of appetite, mild temperature and diarrhea, gum rubbing and even ear rubbing.take care
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Question: My baby getting loose motions....she is getting upper teeth? Is it because of teething....she dont have any fever
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Answer: fever should never be taken lightly so please don't wait any more and take your baby to doctor also make sure to give sponge bath to your baby and keep on breastfeeding more frequently
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