9 months old baby

Question: My baby is in 7 month and 10 days i want to start solid food what shud i give her... And how many times .....actually it is very cold in kashmir ...so i m afraid to give anything to my baby .....and alsio is cerelac good from now.... Can i feed cerelac

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Answer: Hello dear As ur baby has just begin to have solid so start giving only 1 or 2 spoons of daal ka pani or chaval ka pani to baby. Then slowly slowly u can Increase the quantity of solids Yes, u can give cerelac to ur 7 months old baby. you should introduce your baby with Semi-solids in the initial few weeks. Once baby gets comfortable with that, then you can start to feed Cerelac to your baby.
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Question: How many times i shud give cerelac to my baby and how much
Answer: Instead of cerelac, my suggestion is to try giving uggu which is healthy for bbay
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Question: My baby 7 m 10 days.motion is very hard.per day how many times can i give solid food.
Answer: Hi dear Bm and fm are the main source of nutrition for the baby till one year. For hard stools You can give water. Keep the baby hydrated. It helps Give dry grapes water soak it over night and feed the water. Better if they wat the grapes also Take 1 bowl water n put half t-spoon ajwain n boil it until it becomes half bowl n thn put some sugar/honey n cool down n give this to ur baby daily. It will help Give her banana n include two servings of fruits .... Or u can also give green peas puree to avoid constipation or hard stools Food for baby You can start introducing the baby to solids from 6months. Start with finger foods for the baby No salt sugar honey or any sweeter till one year No cows milk Try including the baby in all family meal times. Babies love to explore. So give him time and he'll quickly learn and copy the way you eat Make sure to seat the baby straight bfr giving him anything to eat
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Question: can i start solid food yet?how many times i give food?
Answer: Hello dear. Here are a few foods that you can give your 5 month old: You have to give breast feed plus Breastmillk plus Rice Cereal. Oatmeal Cereal. Barley Cereal. Apples. Avocado. Baked Apples. Dal water. Generally solid foods should be introduced only after 6 months. Please consult your pediatrician before feeding any of these foods to your baby. Take care.
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