Few weeks old baby

Question: My baby is in FM. Whenever he cries some sounds come from him . Pls tell wat is this

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Answer: Hi dear, It could be chest congestion.hear him breathe .if some sound comes from.his chest then it's phlegm.give him steam by sitting in closed bathroom with hot shower on.
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Question: My baby is not drinking milk from yesterday...whenever i feed him...he tried to stay away from my lap and either cries or sleeps..plzz tell me..wat is the problem...plzz help me
Answer: Hi dear. Many babies will cry, fuss, pull off the breast, etc. if they need to burp. Try to burp between breasts and after a feeding, It's perfectly normal. Give your baby lots of skin-to-skin contact between feeding Try different feeding positions, as your baby may find some positions more comfortable than others. Try offering your breast when your baby is asleep, or very sleepy
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Question: Wat is the exact use of colicure drops coz whenever my baby cries more i gave this to him bt is it ok if i use it daily
Answer: Never give it daily,colicure is for abdominal colic pain but give only if it is necessary.Do proper burping after each feeding.If baby is having irritability and inconsolable cry every day consult a paediatrician for furthur checkups
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Question: My baby is 15 days old .He is in FM. When he passes toilet he is feeling hard to go. Pls tell me some home remedies
Answer: Apply coconut oil to down area r ghee also u can It release heat and baby can pass urine and motion freely .
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