38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My baby is in breech position..doctor adviced to go for c section but i want normal delivery..is it possible

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Answer: Dear in breech position there s no chance of normal delivery. And normal delivery s not safe 4 u as well as baby .so dear take plenty of liquids nd water ,go 4 walk ,keep pillow under ur hips while sleeping if baby changes his position nd go in cehalic position thrn only normal delivery s possible otherwise in breech position c section s safe 4 u .try it
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Question: I have had c-section 4 years back.I want to go for normal delivery now.Is it possible?
Answer: Hello dear! Vbac( vaginal birth after c-section) is definitely a possibility. There are some criterias for it. Your scar thickness should be more than 4.5. You should not be having any complications in this pregnancy or atleast at the time of delivery. You should not have any recurrent indications. Your baby dropping and cervix dilation should occur on time. You should be maintaining this pregnancy with utmost care.
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Question: If the baby is in a breech position,is it possible to have in normal condition
Answer: Dear, till 33 weeks baby shows lots of movements. So yes there is fair chance that baby will change its position from breech yo cephalic but after 36 weeks there is less chance of changing in baby's position. practice doing regular exercise like pelvc tilts, back stretching, squats for 10 minutes each. Also walking for half an hour will help.
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Question: Is it possible to have normal delivery in breech baby?
Answer: As you may be knowing,cephalic position is the ideal position for a breech birth.In other positions there are always risks involved.It also depends on your afi,other complications seen,your status befor delivery and many more parameters..Itis not obligatory to have a c-section unless your doctor asks you to go for it due to the risk involved.
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