5 months old baby

Question: My baby is 6month. I am going to office next week. Avin milk my baby fitenng me

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Answer: hi if you if you are joining your office it is advisable for you to express the milk and feed it should and and store it so that you can feel that today baby in your absence you can also start with solid foods once the baby is 6 months you can be my fruits you can give fruit juices you can give that water rides water vegetable Dal soup and vegetable clear soup you can also give mashed the rise of mashed sweet potatoes
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    SUDHA RAVI117 days ago

    Ok Thank you so much

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Question: I am going to join my office from next month...I want him to give milk. .so should I start cow milk or any powder milk
Answer: Hii u can give nan pro 1 formula milk to ur baby. As well u can store breast milk for ur baby.Below are the tips to store breast milk Use sterilised bottles  To keep the breast milk away from any bacterial growth always use sterilised bottles to store it.  Keep your breast pump clean  If breast pump is not clean then it can lead to bacterial growth in the milk which Will spoil it quickly.  Always keep your hands clean  When storing the milk make sure that your hands are properly washed to prevent transfer of harmful germs.  Keep away from eggs and meat  Uncooked foods can result in quick bacterial growth which can spread to the milk as well, so store the milk in separate sections.  Room temp.  Milk has to be given to baby as soon as expressed if kept in room temp. U can hear people saying that at 25 'drgree temp. It can be safe but still it can have bacteria and affect ur baby. Better freeze it and whenever u needed to feed use double boiler method to warm the milk.never warm it directly in stove or microwave.it will lose it nutrients.  All the best 
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Question: Is Avin blue pocket milk can be given to baby.
Answer: Hi u should avoid giving these milk to ur baby below 1 year of age as they have protein which is heavy for babies to digest. Do give formula milk or breast milk till 1 year of age.
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Question: Hi I ve 3 months baby I ve to start going work from next week can ride two wheeller now as office is far from my home
Answer: If it is c section not advisable. Normal try to drive near your house with some help before going to office.
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Question: My baby is 6 months old ,i need to join office next week can i start giving him cows milk instead formula milk ?
Answer: Hello...no ma u can't give cow's milk ..it won't digest gives trouble to baby's tummy...give him formula milk..or feed boil apple, cereal...
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