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Question: My baby is 2y 8m how I improve her skin tone

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Answer: Here are some natural and practical baby fairness tips that can make your little one’s skin fair, supple, and glowing: Gram Flour Paste: You can make a homemade skin pack by mixing raw milk, turmeric, fresh cream, and gram flour (besan).Apply the thick paste to your baby’s skin softly. After 10-minutes, when the pack tends to dry, use a damp cotton or soft cloth to rub off the pack. The raw milk kills the bacteria, which cause diarrhea and other infectious diseases.Only using oily baby cream can make your little one’s skin greasy and lead to skin rashes in the summer. So, ensure you use this home made paste for best results. Fruit Sap: Another good home remedy to enhance your baby’s complexion is feeding him grape juice Natural fruit extracts help cleanse the epidermis and make your baby’s skin soft and fair.Some other nutritious fruits that boost your baby’s skin tone are apples and oranges. Hot Oil Massage: The ancient technique of the hot oil massage whitens your baby’s skin tone, keeps his skin nourished, and smooth.Massaging your baby’s skin with hot oil adds an extra layer of moisture to your baby’s sensitive skin and helps restore the right balance of the oils in the skin cells.With a regular hot oil massage your baby’s skin tends to shine, blossom and attain a fair pinkish shade.Some of the best essential oils for massaging your baby’s skin are almond oil and olive oil
Answer: Hello dear, Complexion is purely hereditary, any treatment can only control the production of melanin and lighten the skin by a few shades. 1 – Use kasturi turmeric as it will remove the facial hair, when hair falls the complexion will lighten. Use this with few drops of milk and always use a pinch of turmeric. 2- Chiksa powder will be available at any Unani store, you can apply that with few drops of lime. Please always do a patch test on the hands. 3- Many people swear by rubbing atta mixed with ghee on the skin of babies. I have not tried it as Im against using ghee and butter on kids, it blocks the pores. 4- Apply egg white on your kids face before bath. Let it dry for few mins before wash. 5- Apply sandal wood powder. Its better if you could buy a block and make a paste as store bought powders are mostly adulterated. 6- Milk cream is very efficient in controlling the melanin production. 7- Always use a sunscreen. 8- Do not use oily creams or lotions on babies. Always use a water based lotion like cetaphil or aquasoft. 9- Use almond oil for baby massage, it has skin lightening properties. 10-Many people have told me that using atogla lotion has improved their baby’s complexion, not sure but the lotion is safe. Hope it helped... Take care ur little one....
Answer:  Give her plenty of fruits to eat, and avoid getting her addicted to chips, soft drinks and other junk food. Once in a while is fine, but don't let it become a habit. Apply curds to her face. 2. Apply a besan haldi paste, and scrub it off after it dries and thickens. This would gradually reduce her hair over a period of time. 3. Oil her hair once a week, and give her a massage for around 10 minutes before washing off. Apply egg to her hair as well. If you are non-veg, give her plenty of fish to eat. A diet rich in fish and coconut would be excellent for hair. 4. Give her a body massage with any oil, once a week. Leave on the oil for at least 15 minutes, so it gets soaked in properly, after which she can go in for a bath. 5. Juice/soup - all this is excellent for her, so continue giving to it So
Answer: Skin tone depends on a lot of other factors. It is genetic also. Take care of his diet and give him balanced and nutritious food. Sometimes if the skin is dry then also it appears dark. Use mild and gentle products to keep the skin well nourished and hydrated. Use Johnson's milk range for cream and soap. It will help in keeping the skin supple and soft.
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Answer: Hi mam you can use almond oil or olive oil to massage abby this increase blood flow and also it helps t gain more colour. Instead of using soap you can use homemade herbbal powder like green gram powder, rose petal, hibiscus petals powder. This improves the complexion of the baby.
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Answer: Hi dear, congratulations on your baby. The skin color of the baby depends upon genetics and once baby would born you can't change the color. If it tanning then you can still try home remedies but as baby is too small so that should also not done as baby has very soft skin and it might hurt the baby. We being moms for us skin tone of baby doesn't matter at all if baby is healthy then that's all it matters. Take care
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