2 months old baby

Question: My baby is having swelling in her navel area. Dr told me that it may be umbical hernia. What that. Is it harmful to her

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Answer: Hi dear... It may be umbilical hernia... It's common now... You can wait till one year of age... After roll over in some cases it may resolve on its own... Take care..God bless
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Question: My doctor told me that I've notch in pregnancy which ain't harmful now but may be harmful at a later stage. What can I do to avoid it ?
Answer: hi dear notches are common nowadays as we don't follow proper posture to sleep. this is not harmful now but you need to take a proper concern on it you can ask your gynecologist and can try doing exercises that will help you and the baby to be safe. always sleep on your left side if you feel pain on your back you can keep a pillow for support you can also keep a pillow in between your thighs this will keep you comfortable . avoid sharp turns and rotation on bed if you need to turn the side please sit and then turn
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Question: My newborn baby having multiple small swelling in neck and postauricular area, what will be this
Answer: It could be because of some allergy or reaction. Try following tips - • Try and reduce the chemicals you use on your baby. • Look at changing the laundry powder. Stop using baby shampoo and soaps. • Try not to overheat/overdress them - heat can make the itchiness worse. As can waterproof mattresses - if you have the waterproof side up, swap it around - they overheat more when sleeping on the non breathable side. Also at night, layers of cotton blankets allow their heat to escape.
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Question: My babies navel has bulged out doctor said it's umbilical hernia.. will that go away in later days??what can be done to keep it inside
Answer: You need to have bpl ration card n u need to visit near by govt school.. the scheme is only for gal child
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