6 months old baby

Question: My baby is having some some skin problem throughout his body including inside of his mouth.Is it measles???No fever or mild temperature.

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Answer: Dear Please explain what kind of skin problem are you saying on body is it dry flaky skin are using dry patches on body inside mouth are you seeing white areas white lesions or if you are saying red red areas that means your baby is having a fungal infection and your baby must be treated immediately because this fungal infection spread and they may cause your baby to affect his feeding even though there is no temperature but prevention is better than cure if it is a fungal infection ointment will be given to apply in mouth before feeding and after feeding so that your baby will recover in a weeks time and will not have to undergo the pain of fever
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Question: My son got his first molar upper side it already erupted but from yesterday his forehead is having high temperature than his rest of body is normal like leg hands normal temperature.he is not having sny other symptoms except he is keeping his finger inside mouth.is it because of teething or anyother reason?he had his typhiid and hepatitis a vaccination two weeks back
Answer: Hi mam. Pls check the temperature. If it is due to teething their would be only mild elevated temperature, and vaccination has no connection with your present situation.
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Question: My baby is 25days old... He is having a temperature of 96.5. while touching his body i feel the heat.. is he having fever or is it a normal body temperature for a baby ?
Answer: Hi.. if the body temperature is about 100, it is considered as fever.96.5 is not fever. you just Dental in normal to feel some heat in the baby's stomach and head . but still if it is too hot it means the baby is overheated . remove the excess clothing and blankets if any. give the baby a warm water sponge bath. exclusively breastfeed your baby. breastfeeding will only improve your baby's health .
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Question: My baby is 25days old. He is having a body temperature of 96.5. while touching his body i feel the heat. Is he having fever or is it a normal temperature for a baby ?
Answer: Hi..96.5 is not fever.it is normal body temperature.He is not having fever. The heat you feel on his body may be the body heat. it means the baby is overheated . the extra clothings and blankets if any and cool him. give him a water Sponge bath. if the temperature is above 100 only he has got fever
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