1 months old baby

Question: My baby is having pimples on her body when I apply tube prescribe by the doctor it disappears n again it appear after some time what should I do plz tell me??

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Answer: If you are using mustard oil to massage your baby please stop massaging with it immediately because it is one of the reason of babies getting pimples
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    Mariyam Husain8 days ago

    No I m not using

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Answer: Drink boiled water always but make it warm while drinking.Ginger juice with honey two teaspoons twice or thrice in a day. Keep ginger small thin slice in mouth when the cough is severe.
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Question: So many anti biotque given to my 6 month old baby for infection. When the medicine dose completed the infection again started. Finally doctor prescribed injection. What to do I'm so nervous. Should I consult another doctor?
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