2 years old baby

Question: My baby is having loose motion. What food to give?

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Answer: Hi! Loose stools are common in kids as they tend to mouthe everything.. Please keep feeding him liquids. Check his pee count and activity. Give him oral rehydration if needed. Follow BRAT diet as in Banana Rice Apple Toast which works as stool binder. You can feed him boiled flattened rice (chiwda) Keep him clean. Feed boiled water in sterilised cups. Good luck!
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Question: My baby is having loose motion what should I give.
Answer: Hi! Loose stools at 2 months are common as their intake is milk only. 1)Please keep feeding him your milk. 2)Check his pee count and activity. 3)Keep him clean. If nothing works or condition worsens, please take him to a Doctor. Good luck!
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Question: My baby is havibg loose motion .. what food to give??
Answer: Hi firstly u should make sure to keep baby hydrated.keeps on feeding breast milk,coconut water, kanji, ors to baby. U can also give dal ka pani , dahi, sabudana water,curd rice,banana ,khichdi.Wash all the toys, tether etc. in a mild soap solution or dip into a disinfectant. Wash the toys in running water and then you can give to your child. Also, check whether for the baby’s playing area. Do not allow shoes where the child crawls and plays. Disinfect the floor and make it safe for the baby to play.Loose motion mostly happens at dis age due to infection. Through mouth as babies has tendency to put everything in mouth.  U can give jayfal powder by mixing it in mix in a spoon for curing loose motion. Another home remedy is related to walnut. Make a paste of powdered wlanut with water and apply it in stomach.it will cool down the stomach and cure babies stomach issue. 
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Question: my 16 month baby having loose motion what food should give to her
Answer:  first thing to be stopped is milk and its products. After that green leafy vegetables and whole pulses. These are the common tips to stop loose motion. Raw fruits and vegetables also have to be avoided as they are high in fiber and increase loose motions. Majorly low residue food should be the choice of food. Here I would like to introduce to a special diet called “BRAT” diet. Where, B = Banana R = Rice A = Apple (mashed, Peeled) T = Toast
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