Few days old baby

Question: My baby is having jaundice... Bilirubin is 25. My blood group is A positive n baby's is O positive. Is there anything to worry about?

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Answer: 25 is high mine baby was 14 n doc said if it will cross 15 thn he wil do phototherapy so consult your doc
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    Lipika Chakravarty1028 days ago

    They are doing phototherapy...very difficult to see de baby in this condition. So I am concerned

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Question: my blood group is O positive and my wife is A negative but my baby blood group is O positive is there any problem
Answer: Hi. No tbere isnt much problem. Your wife muat have got a anti D injection within 72 hours of delivery because baby and mother are of different blood group. Generalk second pregnancy is bit risky if mother and fetus has differnt RH(-). But that too are resolvable doctors would guide your in next pregnancy. I too am a rh(-) mother witj rh(+) child so dont worry. Good luck.
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Question: Mh husband blood group is O positive and my blood group is B negative there is problem to my baby
Answer: Helloo..as u r Rh negative and ur husband is positive ..so there is 50%chance that ur baby may be having blood group either O or B negative...if this is ur first pregnancy ur 1st baby wont develop any problem related to negative blood group..but if u plan for second baby ur that baby may have some problem related to negative blood group..but to overcome that u have to be extra vigilant in thus pregnancy..go fir a blood test at 28 weeks known as indirect coombs test(ICT)..it should be negative..then u should have a injection named anti-D..this test followed by inj is very imp..when u will deliver rhen within 72 hrs u will be given anti D inj again if ur born baby have positive blood group.
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Question: Are there any complications if the husband has a positive blood group n the wife has O - blood group...
Answer: Nothing problem dear just after the time of delivery they give a injection to ur baby which doesn't effect ur baby with the blood group or they might give that injection either after the birth of your baby (with in 24-48hrs) as per the baby's health or at ur 7th month of the pregnancy
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