17 months old baby

Question: My baby is having hot feet and hot palms but total body temperature is normal.whats the reason for this.and plzz give me solutions for it plzzz

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Question: My girl is having temperature 98.8 f she is 2yrs old baby ,what's actual body temperature for kids
Answer: Dear it's a normal body temperature so don't worry.. above 99 is considered as temperature...
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Question: My baby forehead is too hot but body is cool it's fever or normal for baby
Answer: It is normal for baby...give little amount of water frequently
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Question: Hi my baby is having fever not sure of temperature. His head is very hot. Please tell me any remedy
Answer: Don't worry.. Babies head are normally hot as comparison to the adults. Their cheeks should not be warm otherwise it can be an indication of fever. Rub little castor oil mixed with coconut oil it helps
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