6 months old baby

Question: My baby is 5months 18days having her lower teeth at 3.5months and now she is having her second canine teeth both the sides she is pooping seven to eight times however she is active should I do something for this or its normal

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Answer: Hi. Loose motion doesnt happens because of teething but because to satisfy there irritating gums babies put whatever they find in mounth and so all kind of bacteria enters baby body and leads to loosemotion. So keep the area and things around baby clean. Keep the nails short and clean. Wash toys before handing them to baby. Put a clean cloth in your finger dip it in chilled water and massage babies gum they would feel relief form pain. Give finger food to baby like carrot, beet root etc. You may give teether to your baby too.
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Question: My 10 months baby is pooping 4 times a day is this normal or should I visit a doctor...and also she don't have any teeth yet
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